Three things that will make you happier than money

We all know the line ‘money doesn’t buy you happiness but it does come in a close second’. In this article the author uses research to identify the three things that ultimately will make you happier and more fulfilled than money. It is highly subjective and the article does recognise that anyone struggling financially is already dealing with significant stress, however if you have a reasonable income these three are actually worth taking a closer look at.

  1. Relationships
    based on research by UC Berkeley – the article finds that a positive and nurturing relationship is much more rewarding than material returns.
  2. Exercise
    A study by Yale found that regular exercise will make you feel as good as an extra $25,000 per year
  3. A Shorter Commute
    The University of West England identified that a 20% reduction in your work commute time equates to the benefits of a 19% pay rise.
Synopsis of an article from Inc
by Jessica Stillman
Published 25th August 2020

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