Innovation Systems

In order for your business to thrive you need to identify new revenue opportunities, reduce costs, grow margins, create new markets, build strong customer relationships, have a powerful company culture – these are the business of innovation. Face it – innovation is what will make your business better than your competitor, it defines what makes you different and makes you better. This article explores three models of innovation, Revenue Model Innovation, Business Model Innovation and Industry Model Innovation. Revenue Model Innovation Many organisations look at their revenue model and consider how to change that model to grow the gross yield. The concept of Freemium which has grown significantly in the last ten years is a perfect example, as is the move from outright purchase to subscription. A key aspect of revenue model innovation is to keep watching global trends and to model the impact of that change to your organisation.Continue Reading

This article looks at innovation methodologies used by the SAP Design and Co Innovation Centre which are utilised to get clients involved in brainstorming and the design process. There are five methods suggested: Brainstorming: The Walt Disney Method This method utilises role play based not three facets of Disney’s personality, ‘the dreamer’, ‘the realist’ and ‘the spoiler’ in the exercise each role is used to work through the concept, to consider what is possible (dreamer), then to consider how to do it (realist) and what could go wrong (spoiler). Empathy Mapping An empathy map is a way to cluster results based on thoughts feelings pain and gains. Starting with a white board or large piece of paper with a head and five sections what the character sees, hears, things, feels and is challenged by. Here’s a more detailed description and the online game. Belbin Characters Dr. Meredith Belbin found that whenContinue Reading

Synopsis of an article from by Tiffany Delmore, Published 15th April 2020 In this short article the author points out that most companies do not have an effective way to prioritise or select where to invest in innovation aligned with the corporate strategy. Without a proper system in place, you end up chasing hundreds of goals and failing to achieve any of them. Tiffany Delmore To be effective at innovation it is important to build a system that can make the hard decisions – easy. Here are some ways to help you build the process for identifying, validating and priortising innovation opportunities and ensuring you spend more time facilitating aligned initiatives and avoiding the “pitfalls of time mismanagement”. Translate purpose into action Having clarity of purpose for your company provides a set of guide rails that helps weed out those that do not match your business vision. Set asideContinue Reading