Cultivating a Professional Network takes time and effort, it is not set and forget but when you build the network that aligns with your interests and career aspirations it can be the difference between success and failure to launch. The connections we make at school, university and our first job all go on to have their own careers sometimes we maintain and build on those connections cultivating a professional network but other times we let potentially important relationships wither and become forgotten. Think about the fact that according to the Wall Street Journal as many as 80% of leadership jobs are not advertised. Learning about career opportunities that might suit your skills, having someone to recommend you or be a referee these are people in your professional network. But it is not limited to career progression, having a strong advisory network can be the difference from you being successful inContinue Reading

Career Insurance

What is ‘Career Insurance’ and how do you develop it in uncertain times? It has been a long time since we have seen so much uncertainty across every industry. No role is truely safe in the current environment and without psychological safety its nearly impossible to be effective in your role (see previous articles on Feeling Safe in an Unsafe World in sidebar). There are ways we can take back some control and in this article the author Doris Clark refers to her personal experience of being laid off the day before 9/11, learnings she put into practice and included in her book titled Reinventing You. It starts with recognising all the things we do not have control over, the pandemic and the broader economy and being well prepared. Clark suggests a four point plan. Hope for the best and plan for the worst.… Jack Reacher (fictional character written byContinue Reading

How to Hand Over

By Crispin Blackall It is one of those tasks that can really make a difference in how people see you, done well it has potential to make a lasting impression on your personal brand for the successor, for the staff and for the former manager.   So how do you focus on getting it right and not getting it wrong! Whether you have identified a successor and grooming them to replace you.  Or you have been promoted in the business, potentially you are leaving the company for a new opportunity, maybe you are retiring or even being made redundant, this is how you will be remembered by those who stay (and these people may turn out be your referees in the future), so protect your personal brand and do a good job at the hand over. The cost of poor leadership transition is potentially significant, a poor transition can leadContinue Reading

Synopsis of an article from SmartBrief Leadership by Art Pretty, Published 25th June 2020 In this article Art shares some ideas and approaches on how you can build your network and collaborate more effectively across your organisation (without compromising your values). The ‘facts of organizational life’ Organisational politics are everywhere and sadly there is no escaping it, from the parent teacher association to community sports to the executive team. Some how in all environments where decision making authority exists, so too does the politics around making those decisions. “That’s workplace power. The challenge for everyone else is how to either cultivate power organically or to tap into decision-makers’ power.” Three approaches for growing your influence at work 1. Develop strong networks to help grow your influence Building a strong network provides support, guidance and insider knowledge. “It gives you access to private information and individuals with unique skill sets.” SoContinue Reading