Corporate Social Responsibility

Do something purposeful

Purposeful leadership motivates individuals, empowers teams to achieve their greatest potential, provides clarity to organisational priorities and goals and connects everyone to broader societal goals. Purposeful leadership starts with clarity about your own purpose, and that can be difficult to get clear (at least at first). Pan Pan (founder of Swiss advisory firm Pantera Ventures) suggests that leaders wanting to identity their true purpose, need to start by considering the end of their careers. Consider the “end game”, where do you personally hope to be and what does success look like to you? Think about career achievements, what do you hope to have accomplished? What kind of impact will you make? What legacy, however small, would you like to leave behind? Leadership coach and author Mitchell Simon explains that one important aspect of being purposeful in leadership is to continually seek out feedback. Enabling the leader to better reflect ifContinue Reading

Ross Levine is Professor of Economic Analysis and Policy at Berkeley Hass. He write in this article that in a time of increased competition and pressures from the pandemic, it might be a simple assumption that firms might reduce their focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. Recent analysis however shows that companies are using Corporate Social Responsibility as a profitable strategy to build loyalty and trust. The paper (Competition Laws, Ownership and Corporate Social Responsibility by Ding, Levine, Lin, Xie 2020) is based on research analysing 14,000 firms across 47 countries between 2002 and 2015. The findings established that higher levels of competition boosts corporate social responsibility. The results were consistent across various firms, industries and countries. “Our empirical findings are inconsistent with the traditional view that competition induces firms to focus on short-term survival and therefore forgo investments that pay off in the long run,” Ross Levine One theory forContinue Reading