Negotiating a Pay Rise

Synopsis of an article from Fast Company by Suzanne De Janasz, Published 26th June 2020. Suzanne takes us through the challenges of how to ask for a (potentially much deserved) pay rise during a Pandemic. “Remember, you don’t get what you don’t ask for. The challenge lies in how you ask.“ KNOW YOUR WORTH Any negotiation starts by knowing what the price the market will bear, and the way to find out what that number is comes from research. You need to look at what your skills, your experience, your education, the roles responsibilities and the roles accountabilities are worth in the market. But that is just the starting point. You need to be clear and put a value on the benefits or efficiencies that you have directly delivered. WHAT IF THE BOSS SAYS “NO” Being clear on what you believe that you are worth in the role is the fist stepContinue Reading