The Pandemic is bringing up new leadership challenges and it is becoming clear that management styles need to change and that no one person can solve this on their own. This article points out that in these VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) times those who have stood out as the most effective leaders have demonstrated a new set of leadership skills. Based on 25 years of leadership research CLO believe that two very different leadership styles will cause failure or success in these turbulent times. Hero Leaders who direct from the top with an authoritarian, forceful and charismatic leadership style are much less likely to weather the current challenges. What has become clear is that no one person has all the necessary knowledge and experience to solve the problems, therefore leaders need to build an inclusive team that brings together different types of expertise to work together and createContinue Reading


Activate your purpose and generate a shared identity for your organisation and employees and you navigate the transition. Organise for the future Leaders are planning for a post pandemic future recognise that purpose can not be relegated to broad goals, high level intentions, or catchy slogans. Increasingly businesses as part of their social contract are expected to take lead in addressing how to create a more sustainable and equitable world. This sees business leaders taking on a renewed dedication to solving societal challenges and addressing broader human needs. Doing this requires the leader to have a clear and authentic purpose that guides their decisions and their overall strategy. Move from Why to How Setting your purpose into action connects your organisation’s core strengths and differentiation to the societal goals and progress that the organisation seeks to support. Having a meaningful purpose cultivates “a shared identity that informs how the companyContinue Reading

Steve Jobs

It is a fascinating trip back in time, it takes us back in time to November 30, 1988, at the Boston Computer Society, when Steve had just launched his new company NeXT, this was the new venture for Jobs after being forced out of Apple in 1985. These unheard tapes from Steve Jobs in 1988 are part of wider treasure trove of vintage audio recordings the Powersharing Series. I love hearing the preamble where the host talks about a future session where a presenter will show a pocket computer… But back to this story, Steve explains how he was building the NeXT computer for universities, a fast computer with lots of memory, it has to be UNIX but it has to usable by humans so build an interface that humans can use! He continues on with the asks that people had requested of the NEXT computer eg What you seeContinue Reading