Activate your purpose and generate a shared identity

Activate your purpose and generate a shared identity for your organisation and employees and you navigate the transition.

Organise for the future

Leaders are planning for a post pandemic future recognise that purpose can not be relegated to broad goals, high level intentions, or catchy slogans.

Increasingly businesses as part of their social contract are expected to take lead in addressing how to create a more sustainable and equitable world. This sees business leaders taking on a renewed dedication to solving societal challenges and addressing broader human needs.

Doing this requires the leader to have a clear and authentic purpose that guides their decisions and their overall strategy.

Move from Why to How

Setting your purpose into action connects your organisation’s core strengths and differentiation to the societal goals and progress that the organisation seeks to support.

Having a meaningful purpose cultivates “a shared identity that informs how the company creates value, influences how the company is managed and helps unlock business and human potential.

Find the deeply human need

Traditional corporate structures designed to provide stability and organisational control are transitioning to new models that unlock the potential of people at all levels.

As the delegation of work moves to empowered teams, a strong and purposeful identity ensures the team are focused and aligned on how the work is done.

Shared identity also makes it easier for team members to understand their roles through a broader lens, defining the connection with society and how they contribute to the overall business purpose.

This empowerment leads team members to more autonomously react to and pursue opportunities to better serve customers and identity new opportunities.

Bold and daring and authentic commitments to purpose can inspire confidence and disrupt industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Leaders need to a activate a clear authentic purpose that guides their decisions and overall strategy.
  • Empowered teams, less connected to traditional hierarchal structures can utilise an inspiring purpose to gain deeper alignment.
  • An organisation with a bold and daring purpose can inspire teams and the community, potentially to disrupt the industry.
Synopsis of an article from McKinsey
Activate purpose to create shared identity
by Naina Dhingra, Jonathan Emmett and Bradley Halpern
Published 13th July 2020


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