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You Got Promoted, So What Needs to Change?

When you move up a level, you need to make sure you empower your team and effectively delegate to be successful without you.

The strengths that make you terrific at hands-on delivery don’t always serve you perfectly once you’re responsible for juggling multiple teams, issues, and priorities — some of which are always going to be in conflict.

Liz Kislik

Adjust your relationship with your team

It is a crucial step detaching from the way you were working with the team, it will be very important as you start delegating responsibility and helping your team member to become more capable and effective.

Stop answering everything – in team sessions the questions will keep coming to you so, either keep quiet or direct it to the best person in the team with the knowledge to answer it.

Support independent thinking – help your team figure out the plan and solve the problem on their own, show them how to solve it but don’t get sucked into doing it for them.

Check in regularly with the team and ask “What do you need from me to get the job done, or done more easily”

Leave holes unfilled – Many managers who are experts at getting work done, actually provide a lot of the human glue between the team members, so instead of being the answer, help your team members to find the answer for themselves.

Thoughtful delegation and team empowerment are important aspects of career development.

Synopsis of an article from Liz Kislik Associates
What Do You Have to Change When You Move Up a Level?
by Liz Kislik
Published 15th September 2020

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