Technology is Changing the Meaning of Work

Technology is changing the meaning of work but Purpose, Potential and Perspective connect technology to humanity and shape the attributes of the Social Enterprise. This is all according to this years Human Capital Trends from Deloitte, which has been published annually for over a decade. The Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report is a weighty tome, (over 120 pages) and filled with rich insights that come from their consultants and partners all over the world. Accordingly my brief synopsis is just that – a touch on the key points that I observed while reading the report. If this interested you I would definitely suggest you read more in the full report (see link at bottom of the page).

The article starts by reflecting on the fusion of technology and people into work and how that is continuing to shape the organisations. The authors begin that there are three bold shifts that organisations need to take in order to work in a world shaped by technology.

Fostering belonging amid a desire for individuality
Technology creates endless opportunities for individualisation, yet humans desire a sense collective being part of a larger whole. “Organisations need to optimise the power of individuals by connecting them with each other through their purpose at work”.

Creating Security in a world of reinvention
Technology requires people to constantly learn and reinvent themselves, yet as humans we still require a sense of security. “Organisations need to leverage reinvention as a way to increase they people’s potential for long term success in work”.

Taking bold action in an age of uncertainty
Technology creates a sense that anything that can change, will yet humans desire a sense of certainty to support bold steps forward. “Organisations need to transform uncertainty into an informed perspective that helps them confidently navigate the future of work”.

They propose that these three shifts (focused on purpose, potential and perspective), represent a new set of attributes that characterise what it means to be come a truely social enterprise at work.

Deloitte Analysis
Source: “The Social Enterprise at Work: Paradox as a Path Forward” 2020

Technology is changing the meaning of work and through a more effective application of purpose, potential and perspective you have the opportunity transform your organisation into a truely social enterprise.

  • Purpose: not just talking about it, but embedding meaning of purpose into the structure and all aspects of work every day, in every way.
  • Potential: design and structure the organisation to maximise how humans use creative thinking in a world of machines.
  • Perspective: encouraging and embracing the new models, making change for today and optimising for tomorrow.

Of the full article I have only summarised the first introduction chapter above but you can see from the infographic above it introduces you to the topics of individuality, belonging, reinvention, security, uncertainty and boldness.

There is a lot more very interesting content worthy of exploring if you have the time and interest. I have included the Table of Contents below.

  • Belonging: From comfort to connection to contribution 23 
  • Designing work for well-being: Living and performing at your best 33 
  • The postgenerational workforce: From millennials to perennials 43 
  • Superteams: Putting AI in the group 53
  • Knowledge management: Creating context for a connected world 63 
  • Beyond reskilling: Investing in resilience for uncertain futures 71 
  • The compensation conundrum: Principles for a more human approach 81 
  • Governing workforce strategies: New questions for better results 89 
  • Ethics and the future of work: From “could we” to “how should we” 99 
  • A memo to HR: Expand focus and extend influence 109
Synopsis of an article Human Capital Trends from Deloitte
by Erica Volini, Jeff Schwartz, Brad Denny, David Mallon, Yves Van Durme, Maren Hauptmann, Ramona Yan, Shannon Poynton, 
Published 2020
Link to full article

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