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How Your Journal Can Make you a Better Leader

Wally Brock writes on the blog Three Star Leadership that life as a leader brings plenty of ups and downs and a journal is a useful tool that can help you bring it all together.

  1. Get a Little Better Every Day – its a record of your leadership life chronicle your events at the end of the day and your journal helps you learn from previous experience.
  2. Stay Focused on Your Goals – Goals help concentrate your energy and set your priorities, set yourself a list of what you want to achieve each day. Learn to get better at managing your own priorities.
  3. Reflect – a journal lets you capture your thoughts, use them to help you go back and learn about yourself.
  4. Think Things Through – write your problems down – it helps you clarify your thinking before you share it with others
  5. Analyse Trade-offs – use the Benjamin Franklin method, make two columns for pro’s and for cons.
  6. Generate Ideas – There are lots of tools such as mindmaps for capturing ideas but the main thing is to write lots of them down, you can come back to them later.
  7. Imagine Success and Failure – Amazon use a technique of writing the successful press release for ideating the solution, Xerox had a similar technique of writing an imaginary Wall Street Journal Story.

Read the full story on the Three Star Leadership blog here

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