Future of Work: Ways of working in uncertain times.

Increasing organisational resilience in the face of CoVID-19. A perspectives piece from Deloitte providing insights for organisations to explore new ways of working.

The Deloitte team describe a series of actions that organisations can take to enable resilience and maintain virtual business operations.

Firstly respond to the virus. This requires two approaches, a Human Centred Response and a Organisational Preparedness response.
Human Centred is to engage with stakeholders creating tailored solutions that meet specific needs of each impacted group. Promote virtual work, use tools that support collaboration productivity and culture continuity. Own the narrative through strong and consistent communication. Increase support for help desks, that help those with different levels of digital fluency. Drive customer communications, create or enhance customer support channels to manage and overcome potential temporary disruptions.

Organisational Preparedness (or Crisis Management) should Institute a Central Response Team, Monitor Regulatory and Health Updates, Assess Market and Financial Impacts and Risk, and Build a Transformation Roadmap.

Companies can build further resilience by applying the Future of Work concepts.

  1. Expand virtual and remote working
  2. Scale your digital work
  3. Explore your people experience to create an amazing workplace (no matter where it is
  4. Measure success and drive continuous improvement

Understanding and enabling how work becomes portable as individuals and teams work in fixed and dynamic locations.

There is plenty of useful advice dig deeper in the full report here:


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