The Beginning of Phase 2

Scott Eblin of the Eblin Group talks about what it means going into the next phase, how we live and work in in the new CoVID-19 world. Its a phase of transition as we get used to what is next to come the new normal.

He talks about three ways help lead your organisation to transition into phase 2 and be prepared for the new normal.

Firstly change agenda’s from “To Do” to “What If?” – its about giving your team the mental space to re-imagine the why, what and how of work in your company.

Next “Cast a Broader Net” – no one has all the answers right now, reimagining what the future looks like is going to require that you consult widely with partners, customers and other experts inside and outside your company.

Finally he refers to “Gather Data and Run Small Tests” this is a world of continuous improvement, you must look closely at the data, identify the opportunities and run small tests that you can learn from.

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