Why Don’t More People Share Their Best Practices with Each Other

Synopsis of an article from The Heart of Innovation by Mitch Ditkoff published 26th June 2020

In this article Mitch outlines 10 reasons why Best Practices are often not shared. Why don’t people like to share what works and the best ways to get things done.

  1. Command and control
    The hierarchy of organisations often stops sharing; because ideas shared freely and widely have potential to change the status quo. Sharing and applying those learnings from another part of the business can see credit going to a competitor, the perception of new work or re-work.
  2. Lack of a clear or compelling vision for success
    Keeping teams aligned and working effectively is a critical to a teams effectiveness, with out a strong impetus for change most people will stay with the traditional practices and not seek to learn or grow.
  3. Lack of a sense of interdependence
    A common reason people don’t share best practices is they do not get any recognition for collaborating. Teamwork needs to be an organisation value that everyone is measured on.
  4. Lack of trust and appreciation
    Some people don’t like to share outside their immediate circle and especially to people who might be in different roles, at different levels and in different locations.
  5. No clarity about what best practice is
    establishing a clear set of metrics and a framework is required to make sure people understand the what, the why and the how.
  6. No intention, no agreement, no buy-in
    It requires authentic commitment
  7. Fear of judgement
    People can create excellent work but they will still have self doubts.
  8. Perception and lack of time
    Even when learning a new way of doing something might deliver productivity, it is still an investment in time.
  9. Lame listening
    Active listening and active learning are required to understand, and you need to understand if you are going to improve and follow a best practice.
  10. No platform
    When teams don’t have a regular place to share and collaborate then the learning and sharing of best practices suffers.

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