Four Powerful Steps That Will Boost Your Career During This Pandemic

Synopis of an article from Forbes by Kathy Caprino, published 28th June 2020

Kathy explains that she has found many of the professionals that she is connected with are using this ‘unprecedented time’ to reset and consider how to get back to the career that they are really seeking out. Many people are “realising that no job or career is truly safe and secure”, so why not use this time to get on with doing something you really love.

She provides four steps:

1. Stop focusing only on applying online
You have probably heard that more than 80% of jobs are not found online many of those jobs are not listed anywhere, so don’t expect that you will find those great jobs just by applying to what you see online.

Effective and Powerful Networking are required to bring yourself to market, and that means connecting with and cultivating relationships with the people who can help open the right doors for you, mentors, sponsors and ambassadors.

“It’s time to get intentional and do the work to build an influential support community that will help you elevate and stretch beyond your current level. The fact is we simply cannot manifest our most thrilling dreams by trying to hack it out alone and in a vacuum. We need others who’ve already achieved great success and impact who can uplift and support us and advance our causes by opening doors for us while we’re not in the room. And we need to stop feeling ashamed, humiliated and “less than” because we’re not where we want to be.”

Admitting to your influential supporters and advisors that your career or business is not going the way you had hoped, has the potential to make change. Having the bravery to take accountability ‘head on’ for what hasn’t worked will help you experience the growth you need.

2. Find new ways to be of service and demonstrate your potential to your influential supporters

Connecting and building your network is not just about your personal growth, you need to invest back in your supporters, mentors, sponsors and advocates too. So once you have built your powerful network you need to see how you can help them, you may have a range of skills that they don’t have and by providing some of that support you build stronger bonds.

This is not just a barter system, rather the act of ‘paying it forward’ with your help and capabilities will actually help you, it helps your creativity and as your supporters benefit so will you.

3. Speak up more bravely and confidently about the new work you’re thinking you want to do (even if you don’t have it all nailed down yet)

Many people don’t want to talk about their planned career direction as they not sure yet, this is a big mistake. You need to talk about your idea’s or vision for the next phase of your career to get feedback and help.

Common reasons for people not sharing their planned career direction include: 1) being afraid of people providing negative feedback. 2) concern the ideas are not good enough. 3) lack of clarity on the specifics. These are not good reasons not to talk about them.

“If you won’t talk about what you’re thinking about and hoping to create, you can’t build support for it. And we need a great deal of powerful support if we’re to achieve the biggest, most thrilling dreams and visions we have for our lives.”

You can read more in Kathy Caprino’s new book The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss.

*(sponsors are high-level, influential people who can help elevate you and connect you with new opportunities that you can’t access on your own).

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