Career Development

Level Up

When you move up a level, you need to make sure you empower your team and effectively delegate to be successful without you. The strengths that make you terrific at hands-on delivery don’t always serve you perfectly once you’re responsible for juggling multiple teams, issues, and priorities — some of which are always going to be in conflict. Liz Kislik Adjust your relationship with your team It is a crucial step detaching from the way you were working with the team, it will be very important as you start delegating responsibility and helping your team member to become more capable and effective. Stop answering everything – in team sessions the questions will keep coming to you so, either keep quiet or direct it to the best person in the team with the knowledge to answer it. Support independent thinking – help your team figure out the plan and solve the problemContinue Reading

Synopis of an article from Forbes by Kathy Caprino, published 28th June 2020 Kathy explains that she has found many of the professionals that she is connected with are using this ‘unprecedented time’ to reset and consider how to get back to the career that they are really seeking out. Many people are “realising that no job or career is truly safe and secure”, so why not use this time to get on with doing something you really love. She provides four steps: 1. Stop focusing only on applying onlineYou have probably heard that more than 80% of jobs are not found online many of those jobs are not listed anywhere, so don’t expect that you will find those great jobs just by applying to what you see online. Effective and Powerful Networking are required to bring yourself to market, and that means connecting with and cultivating relationships with theContinue Reading