Gut Instinct

What is gut instinct? A mix of knowledge, lived experience, prediction and risk management. So what do we do when the world has changed so much and gut instinct is no longer accurate? When our experience, knowledge, predictive abilities and risk taking reflection no longer give us the relevant knowledge to make an informed decision?

The world is so different right now that often there isn’t a ‘right decision’ and no matter what you choose outcomes still have the potential to suck.

I Don’t Know

As a leader, a teacher or a subject matter expert it is hard to say ‘I don’t know’ but in this different environment that the world is in it is ok to say that you don’t know because the whole world is dealing with similar problems.

Saying I don’t know, establishes your authenticity, it recognises that your decisions might not be as well informed as they were before and that does not discredit you expertise or leadership, rather it is the best any one can do right now.

Think about things differently - Gut Instinct
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Welcome a Dissenting Opinion

History’s best leaders have surrounded themselves with widely diverse thinkers to ensure they maintain a growth mindset. Since our past experiences do not hold the answer, seeking the counsel of others who bring different views will help ensure that you have widest range of options and informed opinion to help you make decisions.

This process of putting additional speed bumps in front of one’s own car can sometimes seem counter-intuitive.

Let Trust Be Your Guide

Relationships are built on a range of foundations, of which trust is the hardest to establish and the easiest to lose. So when your gut instinct fails you and you need to make a decision without any clear intuition then you need to rely on the bank of trust.

We all know the level of trust we have with others, sometimes the bank is full and other times it might be overdrawn. Either way it is best to know that others have your back if the decision turns out to be wrong later on – that support you get will come from the level of trust others have in you.

Key Takeaways

  • These are unprecedented times, your gut instinct may well find it hard to make decisions based on knowledge and experience.
  • Welcome dissenting opinions and get a wider range of opinions
  • Build the bank of trust and use it effectively to decide when to engage others for support
Synopsis of an article from SmartBrief
When your gut no longer cuts it
by Fred Ende
Published 17th September 2020

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