Different types of leadership

There are different types of leadership. Not everyone is or should be a great people leader but that should not define your career. There are many types of remarkable leader that don’t require team management.

Different Types of Leadership
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Change Leaders

Change Leaders drive transformation, they lead strategy, drive optimisation, eliminate inefficiencies and remove roadblocks.

example: Consultants and Coaches

People Leaders

People leaders take time to understand individuals, to explore motivations and know their individual skills and competencies. They work to develop team members careers and to place individuals in the roles that best suit their capability and the needs of the greater team.

example: Managers, Chapter Leads

Results Leaders

Results leaders are motivated by BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) they will do what ever it takes to achieve the outcome. They are ambitious, tenacious, thrive on the competition and above all results focused.

example: Project Managers

Service Leaders

Service leaders are driven by a strong desire to make the service experience better. These leaders champion the user experience, products, services and solutions on behalf of the customer. Service leaders have an empathy for how other people experience and seek to drive the best outcome on their behalf.

example: Service Designer, Service Delivery Lead

Thought Leaders

Thought leaders inspire with innovative ideas and seek to drive those ideas to sustainable change. These leaders are passionate about their area of subject matter expertise and they love solving problems.

example: Innovation Lead, Strategy Lead

Key Takeaways

  • There are lots of different types of leadership, you don’t have to lead people to be a leader
  • Most people are more than one type of leader, but consider where your primary motivation comes from.
Synopsis of an article from Forbes
Not A People Leader? Here Are 4 Other Types Of Leaders.
by Jo Miller
Published: 23rd September 2020

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