When Microsoft Employees Were Sent Home, Their Bonds Strengthened.

Synopsis of an article from Forbes, by Joe McKendrick Published, 21 July 2020

This article references a recent study Microsoft completed on their employees and how they were coping with working from newly working from home.

The team analysed a department of 350 people to better understand what impact mandated working from home was having on the way they worked. some of the key findings included:

Longer but choppier work days

The work day and the work week was longer with employees tending to work an additional four hours a week starting earlier and finishing later. However this was somewhat offset by more time spent on managing personal priorities such as homeschooling and childcare.

More but shorter meetings

Lots more meetings especially short 30 minute meetings.

Very protective managers

Senior managers increased their communication and collaboration. Managers increased messaging 115% as they worked to remain connected to dispersed remote teams.

Virtual social meetings became a thing

A range of virtual social opportunities popped up quickly replacing and increasing on the previous face to face sessions by more than 10%.

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