Uncover Your Motivation to Lead

Synopsis of an article from Inc. by Carmine Gallo, Published 29th July 2020

In this short article author and executive coach Carmine Gallo explains that your people (your team, partners and customers) are looking to you for guidance during the crisis, and they are looking for you to show your humanity.

Gallo has two questions that help to ‘uncover your motivation to lead’ and they are:

  • What makes your heart sing?
  • Tell me something about your company that is meaningful to you personally?

He links the first question to a comment by Steve Jobs who said that the intersection of technology and liberal arts made his heart sing. The second question often gets executives to open up with stories that are often not public.

The importance of these questions is they lead to personal, meaningful and human stories. In the article Gallo uses some examples on how leaders have built trust, rapport and commitment through the telling of human stories that demonstrate a personal kind of leadership.

Read the full article here:

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