Things you have as a leader that others need

The things that you have as a leader that other people need are not conformity, it is what makes you different that makes the difference.

Know what your unique contribution is, what is it that you have that others don’t. “Conformity makes you average, otherness makes you remarkable”. Conformity makes you predictable but it is similarity that is the foundation to connection with other people. Your uniqueness empowers your meaningful contribution.

“Conformity makes you average, otherness makes you remarkable”

Consider the organisation like a team sport, everyone in your company is playing the same game but each team member brings unique skills, capability and experience – that uniqueness represents potential.

Having a shared mission (and purpose) that gives meaning to the strategic direction enables the team connection and empowers the unique contribution.

Consider using opportunities to integrate your personal story into your leadership narrative, sometimes the things you may wish to hide might reflect a deeper connection, your uniqueness connects to the broader contribution.

Uniqueness, Leader, not average, Things you have as a leader that others need
Image Credit: Pexels
Synopsis of an article from Leadership Freak
By Dan Rockwell
Published 21st September 2020

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