Synopsis of an article from The Heart of Innovation by Mitch Ditkoff published 26th June 2020 In this article Mitch outlines 10 reasons why Best Practices are often not shared. Why don’t people like to share what works and the best ways to get things done. Command and controlThe hierarchy of organisations often stops sharing; because ideas shared freely and widely have potential to change the status quo. Sharing and applying those learnings from another part of the business can see credit going to a competitor, the perception of new work or re-work. Lack of a clear or compelling vision for successKeeping teams aligned and working effectively is a critical to a teams effectiveness, with out a strong impetus for change most people will stay with the traditional practices and not seek to learn or grow. Lack of a sense of interdependenceA common reason people don’t share best practices isContinue Reading

Synopsis of an article from Chief Executive By Alain Hunkins, Published June 19, 2020 Alain uses situational leadership learnings from multi-billion dollar fitness brand CrossFit and the resignation of its CEO (and founder) Greg Glassman after he failed to act in an appropriate way in responding to racism and the black lives matter protests that followed the death of George Floyd. How bad did it get? Well Glassman had made some tweets and discussed the issue on a Zoom call with affiliate gym owners and the executive leadership team. The content may be considered by many as not racist of massively offensive, however it clearly lacked any empathy and it showed he was way out of touch with his sponsors, partners, customers, and staff. Shortly before he resigned the companies biggest sponsor (Reebok) cancelled their support and hundreds of affiliate gyms announced they would no longer be working with CrossFit.Continue Reading