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Returning to the office – it will take more than a plan

There are lots of people starting to talk about the new normal, how they are planning to return to the workplace and reach the new normal safely. They talk about the planning, the series of steps required to reach the stable operating model. Many of these people are also looking to return to some relatable version of the past working environment.

Others are seeking to balance the clear gains achieved with a remote workforce, many have seen a productivity shift that they don’t want to lose.

Given all this the next step for business is not a phase at all, it will be open ended rather than a fixed plan. A better mental model is to think about developing a new “muscle”: an enterprise wide ability to absorb uncertainty and incorporate lessons into the operating model quickly.

Read more of this excellent article from McKinsey and written by Mihir MysoreBob Sternfels, and Matt Wilson

“Return is not a phase; it’s a way of operating”

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