How to Lead with High Emotional Intelligence While Working Remote

Synopsis of an article from Inc. by Anne Gherini, Published 15th July 2020

This article points out that EQ or Emotional Intelligence has been recognised as more powerful predictor of an individual’s success as a leader than IQ. As we continue to work fully remotely what do you need to do to dial up the EQ.

High EQ individuals who display empathy, confidence, and comfort with their own limitations will be able to thrive and emerge as leaders in the pack.

Human Centric Management

Empathy – being aware of how others are feeling and coping. For some working from home can be lonely and feel overwhelming. Not everyone has the best home office set up, they may have to share it with others or have to manage home schooling – be aware.

Anne points out that you need to make time for check-ins, with out an agenda to have a basis for how the team is really feeling. Not every meeting needs to be heavily structured.

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Make them Laugh

According EQ expert Daniel Goleman, being self aware as a leader helps you be confident and candid with your team and making you a better leader. A recent study identified that knowing how to laugh at yourself, shows the leader to be more approachable.

People that can admit to their failures or shortcomings with a smile are more approachable. Some may think that admitting to failures or faults reveals vulnerability, but really the best leaders must constantly judge their own capabilities, as well as those of others.

Anne Gherini, Inc. ‘What a Self-Deprecating Sense of Humour Says About Your EQ

When you are in the office, there are so many more opportunities to establish rapport through candid light hearted encounters with your team. Enabling team members to see that their leader is human, fun and not always taking themselves too seriously.

Know When to Cease Fire

With so many collaboration tools available its easy to bombard the team and with constant requests and questions. Across email, teams, slack, WhatsApp and other platforms everyone is connected all the time – know when its time for your team to take a break.

Mute The Mic

Anne suggests we should all consider everyone on every call and make it a policy to only have only the active speaker off mute. That way we don’t get all that background noise, most team members are unlikely to tell the boss that they can hear you chewing your food.

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