How To Keep Your Culture Alive When You Go Virtual

This article is written by Raj Jana founder of the JavaPresse Coffe Company and he explains what he has been doing to keep the company culture going now that everyone is working from home. He proposes three specific tactics to help keep the culture alive through the virtual meetings.

Nurture a meeting culture to connect employees
Structure your meetings in a way that amplifies the connection between colleagues, enable them to use the time to connect in a regular way. Establish a regular schedule for team meetings that doesn’t change, to provide a sense of stability. Give every employee the opportunity to speak, its not about the leader presenting and everyone else listening you need to engage. A good tip is using a Monday meeting to set the week’s intentions and a Friday meeting to reflect on any key learnings as a team.

Mandate employee shoutouts
Make recognising individual performance part of your operating rhythm, if it is on the agenda to share a win and praise a colleague or staff member at a particular meeting each week it becomes an important symbol of your culture.

Prioritise skill development
A team emphasis on getting better together will build cohesion, it is even stronger if that is included in the vision and mission. An organisation that links individual career and life aspirations to the company culture and mission, will achieve higher levels of engagement and a stronger company culture. Use the time working from home to prioritise building skills not just individually but together as a team.

Synopsis of an article from Inc.
by Raj Jana
Published 18th August 2020

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