How to Avoid Confusion with Clear Communication

Michael Hyatt writes about the problem with poor communicators and how it impacts teams. He puts forward five key learnings that are easy to apply

Firstly – Determine to be the solution: Make sure that you are championing clear communication in your workplace.

Secondly – Externalise your thinking: Often we communicate enough, we assume that others know what we are thinking and what we know, be aware of the gap between your understanding and the team’s.

Third – Push for clarity: Are you sure your message is clear, have you checked how others might receive the message and considered the appropriate wording to best land your message.

Fourth – Confirm understanding: You have not communicated until you know that the other person has understood what you were saying, use follow up questions to be sure that you have a shared understanding.

Fifth – Over communicate: People forget what you have told them, they are busy, sometimes the message didn’t arrive at the right time. Communicate frequently to ensure that people received the message.


Published May 18th, 2020

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