Being made redundant

How Do You Deal With Being Made Redundant During a Pandemic?

This article talks to some of the personal experiences people are having being made redundant during CoVID19, how people are being told they are no longer required by video meeting and have no opportunity for closure with colleagues and friends at events.

A workplace where you have been employed for a long time can heavily influence who you are, it can be hard to lose a connection to the company, former fellow employees and your purpose at one time.

The changing market conditions has also knocked the optimism of some people who would potentially be more buoyant about a change of career and looking for new opportunities.

For employers

It is important that employers recognise this is a difficult time for people changing roles and looking for new opportunities. Empathy for the situation is critical and while the rules around redundancy in Australia can make it difficult with what you can and can not say, that does not mean you can’t recognise and celebrate the contribution that person has brought to the organisation.

For employees

Searching for a new job is always stressful and there is no doubt that doing it during a pandemic it is doubly so. All the usual job search rules do apply but you also need to prepare for interviewing by video. (see article on how to nail a job interview remotely)

Onboarding to a new company can be very strange in a pandemic too, most large organisations have some kind of online induction with videos to watch that explain how things are done, the company culture, values and strategic vision. Building a relationship with the leadership and management can be harder as you need to ensure you are demonstrating your key skills and capabilities in a highly visible way.

As a new starter you need to be proactive and build your network, reach out to your peers and seek to build relationships that help you better understand the company culture and unwritten rules of the organisation.

Key Takeaways

  • Employers – Being made redundant and losing your job is stressful and during a pandemic and recession much more so, the opportunity is for employers to demonstrate more empathy.
  • Employers – work to minimise the additional stress through the process and take the opportunity to celebrate the individuals contribution to the organisation
  • Employees – plan for video interviews and make sure you have prepared appropriately
  • Employees – effective virtual onboarding a new organisation can set you up for success.
Synopsis of an article from ABC Australia
Starting a new job is hard. So is being made redundant. Working from home during COVID-19 makes both even harder
By Simon Leo Brown and Maria Tickle for This Working Life
Published 2nd September 2020

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