Five Trends in Innovation

Five trends in innovation identified by Inc. Magazine. None of these are particularly new or transformational, which is an accurate reflection of how innovation is being applied through the pandemic.

Organisations are responding to market conditions, planned transformation to Digital and Online Channels have been urgently accelerated. The global trend to enable workforces to work from home has seen changes to the workplace and also to the idea of flexible and dynamic teams.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence are required to increate efficiency and make everything more productive.

  1. Digital Differentiation is the New Normal: The pandemic has accelerated many companies digital transformation plans. The expectation is that now digital is the primary channel and transforming the supply chain.
  2. World Events are Driving Consumer and Corporate Behaviour: COVID has changed consumer behaviour, people are shopping differently. Considering different holiday choices and changing the products they buy.
  3. Remote Work Is Everywhere: The change in how people work has now expanded to where people work. With distributed teams and flexible resourcing now new creating opportunities.
  4. Online is Priority No.1: The pandemic has driven a massive uplift in online shopping and away from bricks and mortar shops.
  5. Small Automations are Making Big Waves: AI and Automation is enhancing productivity and making processes more efficient.
Synopsis of an article from Inc.
How Trends in Innovation Are Evolving Companies
Innovation itself is being innovated. These five trends are transforming the business landscape
by Joel Comm
Published 5th October 2020

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