Feeling Safe in an Unsafe World is key to Grounding Effective Leadership and it Starts with M E S S

Feeling safe in an unsafe world is key to grounding our effective leadership, in this article the author explains that humans yearn for a sense of safety, which is deeply linked to our evolution. This provides us with a positive calm when we are confidently able to predict what is going on in our environment, when we can act with certainty and control. However when the world gets unpredictable, we no longer have certainty and we can no longer accurately predict the immediate future in broad terms, that is when our sense of safety flies right out the window.

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“Control is an illusion”

Sheldon Kopp

We pursue control as way to create a sense of safety in an unpredictable world and here the Barista explains that there are practices that help us to regulate our emotion and help us to navigate the new normal.


M – Mindfulness
research suggests that if you meditate for 10 minutes a day for 3 months you will have a greater ability to self regulate your emotions.

E – Exercise
Regular physical activity helps keep the mind better in tune with our emotions.

S – Sleep
When we are not well rested our ability to regulate emotion is significantly diminished

S – Stress Reduction
Focus on reducing the level of chronic stress or the frequency that you are in high stress situations

Key Takeaway Points

  • We need to feel safe to be effective and manage our emotions
  • There are techniques to help you proactively regulate your emotions
  • The M.E.S.S. acronym might help remind you – Mindfulness, Exercise, Sleep and Stress Reduction
Synopsis of an article by Ed Batista
Published 7th August 2020
Read the full article here: https://www.edbatista.com/2020/08/feeling-safe-in-an-unsafe-world.html

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