How to Get People to Actually Participate in Virtual Meetings

Synopsis of an article from Harvard Business Review, by by Justin Hale and Joseph Grenny, Published 9th March 2020

The authors make the argument that too often meeting attendees check out. When everyone is in the same room there are techniques we all use to bring the attention back to the speaker but how do you do that on a virtual meeting.

Here are 5 rules that can really help sharpen the focus in your next virtual meeting.

  1. The 60 second rule – In the first minute of the meeting do something with the group to make them experience the problem. It might be a dramatic story, compelling statistics or a powerful analogy. The goal is to ensure that the group understands the problem before you discuss or try to solve it.
  2. The responsibility rule – when attending a meeting we all have a role, you need to provide clarity on the engagement and shared responsibility.
  3. The nowhere to hide rule – Psychologists have identified that when everyone is responsible, no one feels responsible. By assigning roles and tasks to individuals where they are expected to actively participate in the meeting.
  4. The MVP rule – Minimum Viable Powerpoint – less slides more engaging stories and facts.
  5. The 5 minute rule – Never go longer than 5 minutes without assigning a new problem to solve, its important to sustain an expectation of the continual meaningful involvement.

A simple set of rules that can really help you engage your group and achieve great focus on the collective outcomes.

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