Leadership Style

Leadership style is an intangible that enables some people to get promoted and other to not progress. Some people refer to gravitas and others to soft skills but the important point to make is that these things do matter and can accelerate leadership opportunities or become a career blocker. The authors have conducted more than 30 years of academic and proprietary research to understand what we colloquially refer to as leadership style. These have been codified by the team into a set of markers: Powerful Markers – confidence, charisma, influence and competence (also includes arrogance, abrasiveness and intimidation) Attractiveness Markers – agreeableness, approachability, liveability (but also include lack of confidence and submissiveness) “People with powerful styles often view more-attractive colleagues as weak. People with attractive styles tend to view powerful colleagues as rude.“ Peterson, Abramson and Stutman Leadership Presence Our default position when in a calm and neutral situation isContinue Reading