Google and Telstra both Plan to Disrupt Learning and University Qualifications. While its not a new idea to train and accredit specific skills, Google’s recent announcement has people taking notice. That is because it is disruptive of the traditional career path from university or college. Its more accessible, it is faster and it is much cheaper to graduate. It is also providing qualifications that are recognised by over 50 US employers. “Nearly two-thirds of all new jobs created since 2010 require either high-level or medium-level digital skills” Kent Walker, Google SVP of Global Affairs 13th July 2020 The IT Certificate Employer Consortium includes US employers like Walmart, Hulu, Sprint and of course Google. It is an interesting model for building local skills and competencies. Google claims its certificate programs are “designed to help people land jobs at any company, across any sector”. Google have partnered with hundreds of schools and colleges acrossContinue Reading