When you start working with someone new there are ways to make the fresh collaboration super effective. As Rebecca Zucker writes in HBR, before starting a new project, step back and get to know each other a little better. The way we collaborate can foster creativity and innovation but it also has potential to slow progress with meetings and communication required to keep everyone on the same page. In 2014 a Stanford study found that working together boosted intrinsic motivation, with participants persisting up to 64% longer on challenging tasks.  “Working with others affords enormous social and personal benefits” Gregory Walton, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Stanford 2014 The process of collaboration can lead to overload as Cross, Rebele and Grant wrote in 2016. “At many companies, people spend around 80% of their time in meetings or answering colleagues’ requests, leaving little time for all the critical work they must complete onContinue Reading

Leadership Creativity

With all of the current pressure of business leaders you could be forgiven for saying right now leadership creativity is not a priority. However as this article explains creativity is the basis of innovation. Creativity finds opportunity. Creativity enables businesses to pivot. “One doesn’t manage creativity. One manages for creativity“ Amabile and Khaire (HBR 2008) Creativity is The Most Important Leadership Quality Creative leaders see the opportunities that others don’t. Boards and executive teams recognise the need for leadership creativity to accelerate and generate innovation. But more than that creativity can drive: Problem solving Achieving growth Driving transformation Building team culture Effective mentoring of teams Identifying unique and unlikely business opportunities In 2010 IBM surveyed 1500 global company executives to understand what drives them as they lead. Creativity was ranked highest outweighing integrity, dedication and global thinking. Building Your Leadership Creativity You can change. All leaders have the potential for creativity butContinue Reading

Synopsis of an article from Fast Company by Nick Wolny, Published 19th July 2020. This article explains that anger and frustration can be harnessed and have potential to be transformed from a negative emotion into a powerful tool that empowers us to pursue desired goals. “If you’re angry about something, your brain is wired to make you want to move toward the emotion and fully engulf yourself in it.” Nick Wolny A study on the impact of emotions on creativity in 2014 identified that positive emotions can constrain creativity whereas negative emotions and in particular anger facilitates and fosters creative performance. Anger can catalyse innovation, channeling your emotions into a productive source of creativity. How to Channel Your Anger Nick suggests three ways to harness your energy and build ‘fuel for our creative fire’. Stream of consciousness writing – the classic brain dump that you may have learned how toContinue Reading