Contingency Planning

Red Teaming

This article explains how to use Red Teaming as a way to develop contingency plans for any potential outcome. Based on experience from Operation Desert Storm, Retired Colonel Sean Hannah writes from his personal experience about how the US Army builds contingency plans referred to as Red Teaming and how you can leverage that is corporate leadership. How do you get a force totaling a massive 150,000 soldiers in strength to execute a substantially changed plan in stride, maneuvering divisions into new positions and directions of attack across an approximately 100-mile front, while maintaining coordination, synchronization, logistical support and effective performance? The US Army operates in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) contexts where plans are not just likely to change but are expected to change. This thinking is highly applicable to any organisation dealing with VUCA, as most companies are right now during the pandemic. Red Teaming Process hasContinue Reading