Secret of Smart Leadership

Synopsis from an article ‘Is this the Secret of Smart Leadership’ from BBC Worklife by David Robson, Published 1st June 2020 In this article David Robson argues that humility is the greatest of all virtues and that recent research identified that people with greater humility are often better learners, decision makers and problem solvers. “The latest findings suggest that the trait is especially important for leaders, with evidence that displays of humility can improve strategic thinking and boost the performance of colleagues across an organisation.“ You need confidence to be humblea study by Organisational Psychologist Bradley Owens identified that intellectual humility can boost learning and many other measures of successful thinking. The ability for greater reflection tends to lead to being less susceptible to cognitive bias and misinformation, which suggests that humility could influence and have a positive effect on decision making. Avoiding Group ThinkThe research shows that “a leadersContinue Reading